Amalia Mesa-Bains / Geography of Memory


Amalia Mesa-Bains / Geography of Memory

edited by Laura Meyer; with essays by Laura Meyer, Amalia Mesa-Bains, and Alex Espinoza

Distinguished Woman Artist Amalia Mesa-Bains is an artist, author, educator, and activist whose career spans five decades of social and cultural transformation. Mesa-Bains' elegant and sumptuous installation art is suffused with a sense of mystery, a quest for knowledge, and the potential for transformation. Making reference to home altars, personal libraries, laboratories, and gardens, she creates private environments in which, ultimately, the public spheres of history, politics, and social relations are engaged and challenged.

Published in association with The Fresno Art Museum.

Pub 09/11. ISBN 978-0-912201-44-3; 9 x 11, 68 pp, color/b&w; P/$14.95

Amalia Mesa-Bains / Geography of Memory
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