California Light: The Watercolors of Rollin Pickford

essays by Mark Arax and Joel Pickford

Rollin Pickford is Painter Laureate of California’s San Joaquin Valley. His watercolors of the region have been exhibited internationally. Since 1939, when he began interpreting the Valley in watercolor, much of the farmland surrounding his native Fresno has been consumed by strip malls and housing tracts. Many of his paintings document an agrarian landscape that no longer exists. It weaves together the stories of a sprawling town, a vanishing landscape and a small group of artist’s life and career, his technique, his philosophy and his native land. Combining digital photography with hexachrome printing, California Light sets a new standard for color fidelity in fine art reproduction.

Pub 09/98. 9x12”, 287 pp, 167 color; C/$55.00

California Light: The Watercolors of Rollin Pickford
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