Frank Lloyd Wright • Letters to Apprentices

selected and with commentary by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

The first ever published collection of letters by Frank Lloyd Wright reveals an articulate genius at his intimate best, witty, wise, wistful, devastating, sometimes all within a single page.

Written for the most part to his apprentices, these letters also chronicle the Taliesin Fellowship, the “school” Frank Lloyd Wright founded in 1932.


Pub 82. 5.38x8.5”, 211 pp, 26 illus; P/$10.95; ISBN 0-912201-01-0 / 978-0-912201-01-6

5.75x8.75", C/$18.95; ISBN 0-912201-00-2 / 978-0-912201-00-9

Frank Lloyd Wright • Letters to Apprentices
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