Frank Lloyd Wright • Letters to Clients

selected and with commentary by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

Letters to Clients is the third volume in our Frank Lloyd Wright “Letters Trilogy” and deals with sixteen representative buildings. Its primary criterion is variety. It includes large buildings and small, early ones and late, buildings for easy clients and for difficult ones, even an unbuilt project for a colorful Hollywood personality. The buildings range from the world famous Fallingwater built for Edgar Kaufmann to the near anonymous gem of a Pauson house that burned two years after construction.

These letters reveal, from the inside as it were, the actual creation of works by the greatest architect of our century. They allow us to share in the inspiration and, at least as important, the bedrock know-how that made those buildings function.

Pub 86. 5.38x8.5”, 320 pp, 50 illus; P/$13.95; ISBN 0-912201-09-6 / 978-0-912201-09-2

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Frank Lloyd Wright • Letters to Clients
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