International Perspectives in Victimology Vol 8, No 1

editor in chief John P. J. Dussich, Ph.D.; managing editor Kieran Mundy, Ph.D.

An e-journal published in collaboration with Tokiwa International Victimology Institute (TIVI) and The Press at California State University. The journal is a peer-reviewed multidisciplinary publication with focus on traditional and newly emerging areas of victimology. Topics covered may include: victims of crimes abuse of power, road traffic accidents, domestic violence, child abuse, bullying, disasters, and war; victim services; victimological theories; victim rights, victim compensation and restitution; restorative justice; and new conceptual developments and research in the field.

Vol 8, No 1 / March 2014     •     See Terms and Conditions for educational use.

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International Perspectives in Victimology Vol 8, No 1
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