Intimate Terrorism: Test Johnson's Typology Dutch Online Panel

Aspects of Intimate Terrorism: A Test of Johnson's Typology in a Dutch Online Panel

Stefan Bogaerts, The International Victimology Institute, Tilburg University, The Netherlands; Henk C. J. van der Veen, WODC, Ministry of Justice, The Netherlands; Leontien M. van der Knaap, The International Victimology Institute, Tilburg University, The Netherlands


In this study, aspects of intimate terrorism (IT) were examined in a subsample (n = 320) derived from a nationwide study on domestic violence in The Netherlands in 2008. The sample consisted of 60% women and 40% men. Three groups were distinguished: no IT, low IT, and tendency to IT. In the tendency to IT group, more men than women were found, which is in line with several studies. The use of controlling behaviors can be attributed more to men than to women. Violent behaviors (to mock/humiliate the partner, to destroy objects of the partner, and pushing and grabbing the partner) were significantly more present in the tendency to IT group than in the no IT group. These three violent behaviors contributed (10%) independently to the prediction of the dependent variable (aspects of IT). Even though our sample was not representative and the six control tactics were not selected in a self-selected Web survey sample, we tentatively conclude that indications of IT can be detected by the use of online panels and not only by registered and clinical data as stated by Johnson.

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