My Name is Armen / A life in column inches

by Armen Bacon     . . . from the Foreword

As I write these words it is the summer of 2014, exactly one decade after I began scribbling thoughts, making journal entries, sifting through memories and tracing my life’s story. Each story became a roadmap and revelation in itself.

Words as oxygen. This most accurately answers the “why” question about my storytelling. I write to survive, to remember, to make sense from chaos and to discover the voice residing deep within.

Stories save our lives. They are the invisible thread that binds each of us to the other. I began writing as a means to endure insurmountable pain. Much of my writing is done through that lens of loss, which occurred in 2004 when my son, Alex, died. In the decade that followed, there would be gains of like proportion – new life through grandchildren, extraordinary gifts of love from family, friends, and strangers whose unexpected arrival delivered the kind of hope capable of resuscitating the human heart, thawing the ice that had frozen and numbed me.

This book is based on a decade’s worth of essays, many of them originally written as columns for The Fresno Bee. Some have appeared elsewhere. A timeline of their actual publication dates is provided at the end of this book, which is organized thematically and covers the gamut of culture and heritage, family, friends, love/loss, life travels and sacred advice. In almost all instances, each story circles back to this place called home, a place where my ancestors found refuge and a new life, planted roots, worked the land and raised families.

My ties to Fresno, William Saroyan and my Armenian heritage have followed me around the world, always bringing me home with a renewed sense of self and the deepening knowledge that, without a doubt, this is where I belong.

Pub 11/14. ISBN 978-0-912201-49-8; 6 x 9 paperback 


My Name is Armen / A life in column inches
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