Pietro Aretino, the Sentient of Venice

by Joseph Satin

This story takes the reader into marvelous complexities of the Republic of Venice, now only a city, but in the mid 1500s a super power of commerce, wealth, naval dominance, geographic, strategicness, political multiplicity, cultural sophistication, and of the emerging values and conflicts of renaissance Humanities.

Pietro Aretino is written in the delicious style of plurilinguismo popularized by Carlo Emilio Gadda, Umberto Eco, and Mario Pei.  The vivacity of this story is as engaging as the flashbacks of H. V. Morton's works.

Profound and perennial questions of the Humanities penetrate these pages.  This is a fabulous gondola ride of lust and love, ethics and savoir-faire, Church and state, at a time when Western Civilization was directly threatened by the Ottoman Empire.      

Pietro Aretino is shockingly honest, historically plausible; a veritable turntable of suspense and Venetian intrigues clothed in remarkable dialogue.

Pub 8/11. ISBN 978-0-912201-42-9; 9 x 6; 242 pages


Pietro Aretino, the Sentient of Venice
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