Shadowed / Unheard Voices

edited by Joell Hallowell & Meg Withers

Whether found between the crumbling pages of a forgotten family album or shoved into a dusty cardboard box at a garage sale, we’ve all come under the mystical influence of unlabeled and anonymous photographs. In the presence of these fossil-like representations of unnamed ancestors, we ponder the nature of family and anonymity, love and loss.

It is this phenomenon that prompted editors Joell Hallowell and Meg Withers to invite responses from 32 poets to an eclectic collection of black and white photographs of women from the late 1800s to the 1940s. The resulting book is a collection of vibrant, thought-provoking poems by contemporary writers delving into the nature of memory and evidence—speculating about the never know, those who never made it into family legacy or lore. Shadowed is a book of wondering and inventing. It is a tribute to the unknown.

Pub 11/14. ISBN 978-0-912201-50-4  8 1/2 x 11 paperback

Shadowed / Unheard Voices
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