Teatro Y Cultura De Masas - Encuentros y debates

Teatro Y Cultura De Masas - Encuentros y debates

(a collaboration with Escenologia, A.C., Mexico, D.F.)

by Analola Santana

This book studies the political and aesthetic repercussions of neoliberal policies in Latin America through a theatrical lens.  The space Latin America occupies within the globalization order has been paved by the opening of the free-market logic, which has lead to the production of new modes of performance and representation based on these recently legitimized socio-cultural codes, which, in the case of this study, are specifically related to the advent of mass culture.  The principal objective is to study the use of elements pertaining to mass culture by performances produced in Latin American theatre over the past twenty years, a time characterized by Neoliberalism, postmodernism, and globalization.  Through the analysis of seven plays and performances from Argentina (La historia de Ronald el payaso de McDonald, La Carnicería Teatro), Chile (Edipo Asesor, Benjamín Galemiri), and Mexico (Monstruos y prodigios. La historia de los castrati, Jorge Kuri; Misa en Los Pinos, Jesusa Rodríguez; Aura y las once mil vírgenes, Carmen Boullosa; Homenaje a mí misma, Astrid Hadad; Exhivilización: Las perras en celo, Katia Tirado), this book explores the impact of global economic forces on theatrical production and its effects on discourse.  The study of the relationship between culture, theatrical production and mass media products allows for the observation of the ways in which performance can be used for the analysis of various cultural discourses and practices.  In the case of this book, the investigation demonstrates that imaginaries constructed from the perspective of dominant national and transnational entities may condition the imaginaries of social groups and influence political and cultural behaviors that are, in turn, reflected (in various forms) by different theatrical practices.

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Teatro Y Cultura De Masas - Encuentros y debates
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