The Artist and His Mother

by Pete Najarian

The Artist and His Mother is a work of creative non-fiction in the form of a novel whose narrator, a painter and writer, composes not only a portrait of himself and his mother, Zaroohe, but a story of a century from when, as a child of ten, she survived the Armenian Genocide in 1915, to her death in America in 2006. The title is after Arshile Gorky’s famous paintings of himself and his own mother, and here also the composition is inspired by the ghosts of the massacre. A part of this book won a grant from The National Endowment for the Arts. “I was deeply impressed with the writing and moved by the book. Najarian’s soaring lyricism and detailed, devastating realism fuse to portray a heroine of the ordinary who transcends the ordinary and emerges as a creative matrix for his life as a man and a verbal and visual artist” Hank Heifetz. “His voice is unique in American letters.” Dickran Kouymjian.

Pub. 09/10. 6X9”, 196 pp, b&w/illus; P/$15.00

The Artist and His Mother
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