Warsaw Visitor and Tales from the Vienna Streets

introduction and commentary by Dickran Kouymjian

Late in life Saroyan wrote: “In 1943 I turned my back on Broadway, but I did not stop writing plays. . .I wrote new plays every year, I have the plays, and they do constitute my theatre, and they are part of the real American theatre, and of the real world theatre, even though they have not been produced, performed, and witnessed.”

In fact William Saroyan left some 150 unpublished plays, two of which, Warsaw Visitor and Tales from the Vienna Streets, are offered here. Typically Saroyan in their graceful, acrobatic use of language, they are also very special. They are the plays he wrote during his last summer in Paris and they have a breadth, a universality, and a somber outlook rarely seen in him. Warsaw Visitor is a retelling of the Faust legend with Saroyan himself as Faust. Tales from the Vienna Streets finds Saroyan making a rare excursion into the socio-political arena. Both plays are excellent enough and timeless enough to be produced, performed and witnessed.

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Warsaw Visitor and Tales from the Vienna Streets
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